a compadecida


The opera "A Compadecida" was written by José Siqueira from the original text of the theatrical comedy "O Auto da Compadecida", by Ariano Suassuna. Presented for the first and only time in 1961 at the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, its score was restored by a meticulous restoration work carried out by a team of editors. The work is a sacramental comedy that brings up peculiar situations of the culture of Northeast Brazil, in a critical tone, with elements of cordel literature and traces of Brazilian Catholic baroque, mixing popular culture and religious tradition. This play projected Ariano Suassuna nationally and was considered, in 1962, by Sábato Magaldi, "the most popular text of modern Brazilian theater".


In the third act of this opera, when the characters are judged, we inserted two interactive interventions. The first, creating a false fire whose intensity is controlled by the Encourado character, a kind of demon. The second, a starry sky, in which the stars move according to the movement of Compadecida, a character that represents Mary, the mother of Jesus.



Academia de Ópera e Repertório Sinfonieta UFPE

Opera in 3 acts: José Siqueira

Text: Ariano Suasuna

Musical & Scenic Direction and Regency: Wendell Kettle

Visual Art Direction, Scenery and Costume Design: Marcondes Lima

Executive Direction: Jéssica Soares

Lighting Design: Eron Villar

Interactive Poetics - Fire: Ricardo Scholz
Interactive Poetics - Sky: Jarbas Jácome


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III Pernambuco Opera Festival, Santa Isabel Theatre, Recife/PE/Brazil, from august, 4th to 7th, 2022.
Software: marine, resolume arena, sensor2osc.