interactive poetics artwork software

marine is a free, portable and open source software, intended to ease exploration and use of interactive poetics in artworks, particularly in performing arts. Projected to allow a greater experimentation of interactive behaviors by artists, the system has a visual and simple interface, aiming high usability by unexperienced users. Extension points allow independent developers to add new interactive behaviors easily. Developed in Java and JavaFX, over Processing 3, EyesWeb and other libraries, it has built-in integration with OSC, DMX and MIDI, as well as Microsoft Kinect (v1 and v2) sensor. It has a series of built-in movement features, and a visual calibration module, allowing to easily project images in any situation.


Installation Instructions

  1. Download and install Kinect for Windows Runtime 2.0, so your MS Kinect sensor can be recognized by Windows and, therefore, by marine.
  2. Download the latest version of marine;
  3. Extract files to a directory in your computer (avoid extracting to external HDDs and pendrives, for better performance); to extract files, use WinRar or similar software;
  4. Execute the file "marine.exe";
  5. If your firewall asks for permission to use the network, allow it;
  6. You are ready to start experimenting! Check the Quick Guide for an overview and calibration instructions.


Latest Updates

Check the archive, for previous versions of marine and its documentation.


  • Recognition of multiple performers on stage (up to 6 persons).
  • Built-in integration with DMX.
  • Several bug fixes.


marine is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike licence. This means you can extend it, as long as you keep the licence of the new product as open as the original one, do not rent or sell the resulting software and credit the original version.


Nevertheless, commercial spectacles using marine do are allowed.