we've never been humans!!1!

interactive performance


Daniel brings to the scene a silhouette, which mirrors his movements from the simulation of a skeleton, and a system of light particles that interact with the performer and the space creating a small artificial universe. In this environment, by playing with dance stereotypes, remitting to everyday attitudes, exploring sex and its possibilities, emphasizing the repetitions of each experience, and interacting with a technological device that draws attention to the body - failing at every attempt to emulate the human movement - or composes an abstract universe - that virtually refers to the stars, chaos and behavior of the universe - the performer creates tensions between the human and the post-human, a subject that is only knowable from its cyborg part, the techniques he built and technologies that mediate him with the things of the world; how to find pleasure in a body that is constantly turning against itself?


In this solo, projections are controlled by performer's position, using a MS Kinect v2 sensor.


3 catastrophes on pleasure


3 catástrofes sobre o prazer presents four dance/performance solos crossed by technical and technological relations, challenged to approach pleasure in some cut of its scope. Each of the solos, which unify themselves only by the thematic clipping and by the relational discussion on technology and performing arts, highlights the small catastrophes and accidents which sum up through the search for pleasure, as well the permanence in its state – never full – and the fall that proceeds the euphoria. Thus, by putting technology on the scene as a way to exchange affections about pleasure, which always negotiates the body as its structure and construct, the performers question what boosts us through materiality and virtuality.



Cast, Choreography and Direction: Daniel de Andrade Lima

Musical Direction and Original Soundtrack: Iuri Brainer.

Technological Conception, Production and Video Edition: Ricardo Scholz.

Light Design: Dara Duarte.

Photography and Video Capture: Caranguejo Produtora (Duda Carvalho and Humberto Reis).

Other Information


Solo #4 of spectacle "3 catastrophes on pleasure".

Teatro Hermilo Borba Filho, Recife/PE/Brazil, May 20th and 21st, 2017.

Total Audience: 145 expectators.

Aproximate Duration: 25 minutes.

Software: marine.